Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alsace - Visit France

Alsace is France's smallest region. Its location in the north east of the country bordering Switzerland and Germany is ideally situated at the heart of the continent. Strasbourg is often considered the capital of Europe.
5 reasons to visit Alsace

> A strong local identity and culture
Alsatian folk traditions, cuisine, language and many traditional events take place in villages throughout the summer.

> The region’s chequered history
Alsace has changed hands 17 times in 20 centuries, which has left a plethora of stunning fortresses and chateaux.

>The landscape is dotted with medieval towns
Each Alsatian town or village has its own unique charm.

>An exciting range of theme parks and activity centres
These are surrounded by rolling countryside,
meandering waterways and the Vosges Mountains, making Alsace a paradise for family holidays.

>The food and wine of Alsace are legendary
The region is home to more Michelin starred
than any other region in France (not counting Paris). 


Cité de l'Automobile (car museum)

Strasbourg-Grande Ile

Fleckenstein Chateau – Lembach
The Fortified Châteaux Centre –

The Three Chateaux of Ribeauvillé

Fortresses and fortifications of the Maginot Line

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