Saturday, June 11, 2011

Champagne-Ardenne - Visit France

Just a 2 ½ h drive from Calais to Reims,gateway to Champagne-Ardenne, this wine region is located in the north east of France benefiting from the
continental influences to its climate.

5 reasons to visit Champagne Ardenne
> Champagne & gastronomyThe region is renowned for its production of a uniquely glamorous sparkling wine - Champagne!

> Heritage & Culture
The region boasts a starring role in French history from Troyes’ medieval ‘Foires de Champagne’, to the coronation of 33 Kings in Reims and the signing of the German surrender of WW2.

> Outdoor activitiesWith hills, forests, lakes, rivers and wide open spaces, Champagne-Ardenne offers endless opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors.
> Cycling on the greenways
There are over 400km of ‘greenways’ in the growing network of cycle paths through Champagne-Ardenne.
> Wildlife and nature
Champagne-Ardenne offers an exceptionally rich haven for many protected species of flora and fauna.

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