Saturday, June 11, 2011

Corsica - Visit France

The Ancient Greeks called it Kallisté, “the most beautiful”… With high-altitude lakes bordered with pines, fine sandy creeks with crystal-clear waters, porphyry-red or chalk-white cliffs, granite canyons and impenetrable maquis [scrub], Corsica is the greenest, best-preserved, most mountainous and most varied of the Mediterranean islands;

5 reasons to visit Corsica 

>A Preserved Island 
From its Laricio pine forests and emerald-green mountainlakes, to its fragrant maquis [scrub], cooling high mountain pastures and wine-growing lands. Corsica is a well-preserved island divided between nature reserves, listed sites, and aRegional Natural Park that covers two-thirds of its surface area. 

>The Sea's Many faces 
With more than 1 000 km of coastline that are home tocrystal-clear waters, vast fine sandy beaches, smalldeserted creeks and granite cliffs inhabited by sea birds, Corsica is unarguably a paradise for enthusiasts of sea and water sports, in all their forms.

>The Mountain Island
With 120 summits above 2 000 m, snow-capped in winter Corsica is “a mountain in the sea”, where the dantesque landscapes of mountain peaks and lakes alternate with vast, peaceful plateaux. Paths such as the famous GR20 (one of the most difficult and spectacular walks in Europe) are unforgettable ways to discover Corsican nature.

>Heritage, Culture and Traditions 
Corsica's rich heritage is a true reflection of its complex history that appears in the menhirs of Filitosa and the Castelli of Alta Rocca or in the Genoese citadels on the coast. But Corsica’s living culture, perpetuated by centuries of customs and traditions, finds its full expression in music, speech and craftwork. This means that visitors will enjoy countless cultural events and rural fairs that showcase genuine Corsican spirit…

Corsica's gastronomy is all about generous servings of authentic and local cuisine! The fish and seafood will delight your taste buds as much as the many delicious pork specialties such as Coppa (dried sirloin) or Figatellu (liver sausage). You will be able to choose from eight locally produced wines to accompany your meals and there will be no shortage of incomparably flavoursome goat’s cheeses. 

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