Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paris Ile de France - Visit France

"All roads lead to Rome” goes the saying,
but today all roads lead to Paris! Who has
never wanted to come at least once in their life to Paris? Paris is a city of culture, romance, fashion, and also a city on the move.
5 reasons to visit Paris

>Culture & events
With the opening of new museums, world-class sporting events, festive and popular urban happenings like ‘Nuit Blanche’ and ‘Paris-Plages’, Paris is a capital that never sleeps.

>A world class gastronomy capital
The world of gastronomy is reaching new heights with celebrated chefs running prestigious restaurants while at the same time opening Parisian bistros with friendly prices.

>The art of shopping
The capital offers something for everyone’s tastes and budgets.

>Clubbing and night-life
The club scene is a busy one with the latest music, electro or jazz in celebrated venues or at new more cosy addresses.

>Reinventing the art of discovering Paris
Thanks to the latest technology, numerous itineraries around
the city can be easily downloaded from the Internet for a self-guided visit. Alternatively, professional guides
or native Parisians offer their services to visitors

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