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Picardy - Visit France


      Whether you are looking to spend a cosy time with your family or to explore an incredibly rich fauna and flora, Picardy never disappoints and is a very easy destination to reach .
5 reasons to visit Picardy

>The gardens of Picardy
In France, Picardy is the region with the largest number of public and private garden owners and enthusiasts. The region has 70 parks and gardens open to the public. With such diverse countryside, each walk is different...

> Remember those who fought for their countries through the sites and memorials of the Great War
Picardy shares a common history with Britain for it was where the Somme battle took place. The region is filled with history and has many museums, sites and memorials for the visitors to see.

>Walk around wild forests and discover rare bird species
Paths in Picardy offer a plethora of possibilities: circular walks for beginners and more demanding trails for hardened walkers, all of which will let you discover the region's exceptional heritage and countryside, natural and untouched.

> The birthplace of the gothic architecture
The most innovative buildings of all time have risen from Picardy soil. Amiens is the largest cathedral in France, and Beauvais the tallest. The six cathedrals of Piacrdy cover the entire history of gothic architecture.

>Discover the taste of rural France
Picardy is a great place to experience the true French “art de vivre”. With a wonderful combination of dishes and cheeses, Picardy has plenty of delicacies to satisfy the connoisseur in a lovely and cosy atmosphere

The National Tapestry Gallery , Beauvais
The National Tapestry Gallery was designed by the architect André Hermant in 1964. Located near the cathedral, it houses modern exhibitions, furniture and textiles from the national collection.

The Pierrefonds castle
Pierrefonds’ castle looks just like the sleeping beauty castle! Situated only 9 miles from Compiegne, Pierrefonds castle is a breathtaking building from the 14th century. It was partly destroyed and then restored by Viollet-le-Duc under orders issued by Napoleon III. Inside the castle, you can also admire a collection of ornamental masterpieces.


Somme battlefields
In 1916, the French and British armies decided to attack the Germans in the Somme.
It was one of the most important battles of the First Great War: nearly three million men of over 20 nationalities were involved in the fighting, 1,200,000 were killed, wounded or missing in action. In the region, many museums, monuments and circuits stand as testimonies to this terrible event such as the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Peronne, the Somme museum in Albert and the memorial Franco-Britanique in Thiepval.

Chantilly castle, park and living horse museum
Dating from the Renaissance, Chantilly castle was the residence for the Princes of Condé (XVII and XVIII century). Surrounded by water, it is known to be one of the most beautiful castles of France. The park was designed by Le Nôtre, most famous for his design of the gardens at Versailles. Inside the castle, you can find the Condé museum which exhibits the finest French collection of old masters outside the Louvre. The library merits a visit with its collection of medieval manuscripts. Then, the living museum of the horse has been housed since 1982 in the “grandes écuries” (the castle’s stables). It is a private museum and it was founded by Yves & Annabelle Bienaimé. It contains 31 horses and 31 rooms and presents three to five educational dressage presentations every day.

Notre-Dame d’Amiens cathedral
Notre Dame d’Amiens cathedral is one of the largest Gothic buildings ever erected. Its construction started around 1220 and was mostly finished by 1288. Since its restoration, it is the main reference in the discovery of the Gothic doors' polychromy. That’s why the show "Amiens, a cathedral in colours", which offers a reproduction of the medieval original colours, was created.

The Baie de Somme
The Baie de Somme is one of the most popular spots in Picardy. You can take advantage of wide natural spaces, watch rare Birds, practice golf, go to the beach, visit gardens or just relax and breathe!

Parc Asterix (theme park)
Parc Asterix is the second most visited theme park in France. Its Hero is Asterix, the main character of the famous French eponymous comic book. Thanks to 30 attractions and a variety of lively shows, Parc Asterix is the perfect place for a day of fun, for grown ups and children.

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