Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vive La France !!! - Visit France

Visit France, one of the most beautiful and cultured enviorments in the world. To visit is to flirt and to stay is to fall in love. France has a reputation as a country of passion and love. And for the poetic and artistic minded there is plenty of inspiration to be found. But what makes France so stunning is its multi-colours through its rich and absorbing regions. You can only be captured here, you can only find the French affair !

This website contains France information for all persons interested in visiting France and its reigons. I hope that you will, like I have done - discover the many wonderful experiences that await you. 
  •  France population is currently at 65 million persons.
  •  France travel is relatively easy with regular trains and buses from intercity to region to region.
  • France weather is relatively seasonal but warmer temptures and extremes can be experienced in the the further south of France
  • France hotels are abundant and a good range of prices and styles of hotels can be found.
  • Ferrys to France regulary cross the English channel
  • Tour de France is a huge sporting/cycling event in France and played out before a major global audience.
  • France remains one of the most popular camping and gites destinations in Europe.


  1. French culture and cuisine are two of my fovorites on the planet. Please keep telling me more wonderful places to visit that I haven't been yet!

  2. I highly recomend visiting Britanny, the culture is quite different to the rest of France. The bretagne people are very proud of their celtic roots and love a good party (fete).

    There are multiple sites to visit in Brittany and I highly recommend visiting Paimpont forest where the legend of Merlin lives. They say you go in but may never come out ..... !

    Stunning walk and has a tree totaly covered in Gold !!

  3. Thank you for visiting and good luck with the is full odf such great information for french travellers....xv